Saturday, August 31, 2013

China's Fishing Fleet, Africa's Seas

Quartz post earlier in August, entitled, "China’s government is subsidizing your sushi—and driving other countries’ fishermen out of business,"while worth reading in full, included two graphics that I'm reposting here, which highlight the impact of China's worldwide fishing trawl on Africa's local fishing industry and the fish themselves:

While China might not be exactly subsidizing the sushi in Monrovia, which to my understanding most of the restaurant owners procure themselves from Liberia's waters, the issue of overfishing is a proxy for our global over-exploitation of resources, and the strain of the burgeoning emerging markets' billions of consumers have added in the past decade.

  For more about Liberia's fishing situation, there's no better place to check out than the government's Bureau of Fisheries website, which was relaunched last year, and is a great resource and shares a lot about what it being done to protect Liberia's oceans.

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