Saturday, August 24, 2013

Liberia Marathon tomorrow

The second Liberia Marathon is tomorrow, and while once again I am not running in either the full 26.2 mile race, nor the 10K, I wanted to highlight two runners that are, and both for good causes.

The first was mentioned in the previous post: Blair Glencorse, head of the Accountability Lab, is running the 10K. Check out their Facebook page, also.

Secondly, Bert Monro, head of business development for Hummingbird Resources, a UK-based mineral exploration company, will be running the full marathon in a pink pygmy hippo costume, to raise funds for, and awareness of the Pygmy Hippo Foundation, which Hummingbird founded a few years ago to protect critical forest habitat of pygmy hippos, less than 3,000 of which survive in the Upper Guinean forests of West Africa, particularly Liberia. 

To support to Bert's ridiculous run, visit his Just Giving Page, where every donation of £30/$45 or more will receive a "Run Like a Pygmy Hippo" t-shirt. Also check out the Pygmy Hippo Foundation's Facebook page. All donations go to the Pygmy Hippo Foundation, which will directly be used for conservation initiatives for Liberia's unique pygmy hippos. 

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