About Moved 2 Monrovia

Moved2Monrovia is written by me, Matt Jones. I am an American who has been launching investment ventures, helping local and international enterprises develop, and working on private-sector social and environmental conservation initiatives in West Africa since early 2007. As part of that work, I have spent the majority of the last five years as a resident of the city of Monrovia, while traveling around Liberia and elsewhere in West Africa as much as I can.

I started Moved2Monrovia to document that incredible, overwhelming, life-changing experience. It has been transformative to live in and be a part of such a unique, exciting city, country and region. Often, Liberia and West Africa are regretfully presented through overly dramatic, stereotyped reporting and fly-by journalism which endlessly references the sensational events of the past, without delving into the difficulties hindering Liberia's progress, or telling the positive stories fueling its momentum. This is a city, country, and society infused with great potential, yet facing massive challenges. 

Much of Moved2Monrovia tells the story of economic development and social progress through the prism of architecture and construction, as well as art and photography, touching on my academic and professional background. Relatedly, when I first arrived in Liberia I began drawing the now well-known Monrovia Visitors Map, and a recurring theme of this blog's storytelling is recording the character of the city's neighborhoods and public spaces. When covering both Monrovia and other cities, I am always looking back at history while tracking the rapid expansion of urban areas across West Africa. 

Moved2Monrovia is a personal website; posts and all other content do not reflect the views opinions of any companies, entities, affiliates or individuals with which I work. Comments are welcome and encouraged. Anyone may also contact me at the email below or follow me on Twitter, where I am active almost everyday on topics related to African economic progress and enterprise growth, extractive industries, frontier market investment, sub-Saharan architecture, urban development, art, cartography, corruption, history, and lots of other stuff. 

Thanks to everyone for reading, linking, commenting, and generally for the encouragement and support!


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