Friday, August 16, 2013

MICAT Panel Discussions: A Decade of Peace

Monrovia marking a decade since the end of Liberia's civil war is culminating around the date of August 18th, which is when the Accra Peace Accords were signed in Ghana in 2003.

In this week leading up to that occasion, Liberia's Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism (MICAT), has been hosting several panel discussions, inviting members of the various delegations to the Accra negotiations to recount the events of that time. The sessions were broadcast on YouTube and I've reposted two of them below.

MICAT has a fairly decent and active Twitter feed, which has been partly live-tweeting these panel events. Many of those speaking forth are figures who are either in the present administration, or have notorious reputations from the civil war era.  I'll let the often-times candid statements and testimonies on the videos speak for themselves, but for press reactions and opinions on these conversations, I'd recommend reading FrontPageAfrica's filings, or the reporting of American journalist Clair MacDougall, who also blogs at North of Nowhere.

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