Thursday, May 12, 2011

In Memoriam: Bob Marley (in Africa)

A little trivia for the 30th anniversary of the death of Bob Marley: his 1980 World Tour started in Africa, and although it is best known for the triumphant Independence concert at Rufaro Stadium in what was then still Salisbury, later Harare, Zimbabwe, the tour actually kicked off in Libreville, Gabon, before moving on to the newly-liberated Zimbabwe, and then onto Europe and the United States. Marley would be gone just 13 months later.

These facts are lucidly illustrated in these graphic artefacts that adorn the walls of the Bob Marley restaurant at Universal Orlando Theme Park in Florida. Watch the beginning of the clip below for Marley talking about his travels in Africa. The video starts off with the interviewer asking Marley, where else have you been in Africa besides Ethiopia?


Our Man in Africa said...

Great blog. Your maths is it a bit off though - if Marley died in 1981 how can it be the 35th anniversary since his death?

Any idea what the tallest structure in Africa now is?

MM Jones said...

Thanks, yes obviously banged out the wrong number when typing away--apologies for the foolish error.

Tallest structure in Africa is supposedly the Nador tranmitter in Morocco; there are some other masts with guy-wires that are nearly as tall.

The Hillbrow tower in Joberg is the tallest freestanding structure, with the Carlton centre also in Joberg the tallest building.

What's interesting is that it has been many decades since Africa had a new tallest building/structure. Quite unlike Asia.

Really appreciate the comments and support--big fan of your work!

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