Monday, March 28, 2011

UPDATE: Map of the Liberian-Ivoirian Frontier, Draft 3

In light of the increasing warfare within Ivory Coast, the situation along the Liberian-Ivoirian frontier continues to deteriorate alarmingly. This third draft incorporates information published by the United Nations last week, underscoring that the refugee inflows have begun to rapidly inundate Grand Gedeh County, south of the intense battling between Bloléquin and Duékoué. This report highlighted the arrival of Ivorians in to the villages of Janzohn/Janzon, Sewaken/Sweakan, and Tuzohn, which is a significant town in the history of Liberia's civil war fighting and Samuel K. Doe's home town.

If anything, is even less able to absorb displaced persons that Nimba County, and at least 6,000 have crossed the Cavally River in the last week. With only 125,000 people, Grand Gedeh would be overwhelmed with even a small portion of the refugees escaping the violence across the western departments.

As Elizabeth Dickenson wrote in her excellent Foreign Policy essay, advocating for foreign intervention in the Cote D'Ivoire standoff, Liberia has four counties that border Cote D'Ivoire, and with rebels eyeing the key port of San Pedro, which is an economic lifeline to the isolated River Gee and Maryland Counties, it is unfortunately anticipated that all four counties will soon feel direct effects of the violent escalation.

As with the previous iterations, this map is available for reuse under Creative Commons rules-- please credit me and Moved2Monrovia.

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