Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Africa on Mike & Molly

I don't regularly watch too many sit-coms, but the first-year show on CBS, Mike & Molly, which takes place in Chicago, features a Senegalese character, Samuel, a waiter at a local diner who the main characters befriend, played by Nigerian-born Nyambi Nyambi.

This has led to some interesting portrayals of African culture in the show, particularly last fall's Thanksgiving show. One memorable exchange, (not available in a video clip on the website):

Samuel: "Have you ever had monkey brains fresh from the skull?"

Mike: "That's disgusting."

Samuel: "Oh, but you're fine with old bread from
a bird's ass?!"

Another moment of hilarity, when Samuel invites a big crew to Thanksgiving dinner, setting the stage for the somewhat tired Sit-com holiday dinner table motley crew:

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