Monday, March 7, 2011

M2M Architectural Tour of Monrovia Update

Just to make an official release announcement, I spent a few hours tonight updating the Architectural Tour for the first time in several months. Added five buildings, including talking specifically about the Coleman and Cooper Houses, the Chase Manhattan Plaza (but I need more images of it for sure) and the previous post of the stamps inspired me to include the Ministry of Finance, which is sort of growing on me, but I will definitely have to make an effort to sneak a photo of the inner courtyard to exhibit its best qualities.

I also added the Hotel Africa, which I just got an amazing vintage magazine advertisement this past weekend (more later on that). I've never really explored the inside of the structure itself, but there are some cool pictures up now.

I could still keep adding to it-- M2M readers will have to let me know when it is too much. There are actually two more buildings which I would immediately like to add, but right now the counter is stopped at a nice round 25 (although the actual number of buildings mentioned is more like 32).

Hope you all enjoy and share with everyone you know in the entire world.

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