Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Weather Forecast for Monrovia is: Yes

I don't pay much attention to the weather forecasts for Monrovia. The climate veers between Sauna and Steam Room for most of the year; the only relevant information to understand is that it is oppressively hot and humid, and will either remain that way for weeks (dry season) or a violent 42-hour downpour will start in a few hours (wet season). 

Despite only enjoy a few hours of mild weather per year, I do keep Monrovia as one of my cities on my weather app, more to just root for the home team than to consult for planning purposes. I've noticed, however, that throughout the year the weather app remains remarkably the same, and 90% of days forecast thunderstorms, as seen in the above screenshot. 

I don’t know what the deal with this is; is there is just poor radar and data-gathering (likely) or the computer models that determine which symbol wins out which day constantly put the possibility of a thunderstorm in such a high-humidity environment as great enough that the lightening symbol hits the jackpot day after day. Nonetheless, there are not thunderstorms here every day, especially in February, so even as minimally useful as a weather forecast for Monrovia is, the smartphone weather apps aren’t very enlightening in their present functionality. 

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