Saturday, February 1, 2014

Liberia for Beginners

Now running into it's fifth year, AARP-territory for most weblogs, Moved2Monrovia is not an easy thing to define anymore, but one thing it is not is a beginner's perspective. There's a recent Tumblr (how second-decade-of-the-21st-century) that is dedicated to that experience: Liberia for Beginners, which has been posting since October. Although it features a good heaping of gee-whiz-President-Sirleaf-and-oh-Daily-Talk type of stuff, who am I to look down my nose at the young whippersnappers? I was one once, too.

This contemporary perspective in-and-of-itself is interesting too, as in some ways there is no better measure of the transformation between the Liberia of then and of now than each crop of fresh-faces lands at RIA, and what the post to the web. For a more compact example, check-out the brief flourishing of Liberian Summer, another Tumblr which flashed across the sky in mid-2011 to coincide with a development student's summer internship in Monrovia. Amazing how quickly the potholes-and-pehn-pehn Liberia has transformed into the pad-Thai-and-Pintrest Liberia.

Welcome to Liberia and to the internet, kids.

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