Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weah: Really Not A Soccer Player Anymore

If you thought that the second most important candidate in the race in this election was the biggest opposition party's presidential candidate, you would be mistaken.

Although the Vice Standard-Bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change ticket, Ambassador George Weah is this year's other superstar candidate, besides President Sirleaf. Its frankly highly alarming to listen to young people think they are electing Weah to the presidency when they are voting CDC.

This is the stately Weah manse, although its a bit under-renovated and surely not currently home to the global soccer-star-turned-presidential-candidate-turned-DeVry-University-graduate*-turned-vice-presidential-candidate. The hand-painted order on the gate, prohibiting football practice, was added just a few weeks ago, to which a Liberian colleague quipped, "Right: no football playing in there. Only politics!"

*NB: The originally-published version of this post stated that Amb. Weah attended an online college. While DeVry University is a substantially online, for-profit institute, Amb. Weah seems to have in fact enrolled at DeVry's Fort Lauderdale, Florida, majoring in Business. The post has been edited after publishing to reflect this information.

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