Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Polling Precincts, 7AM on Election Day, Monrovia

A light rain has been falling since before sunrise. If it was heavier, I would say it might effect turnout at the polls, but for now its just a damp drizzle.

I went around town this morning and drove past several voting precincts. The first photo is of the historic Law Library on Ashmun Street. The second is of a more open facility on Mamba Point.

There are much longer lines elsewhere. On Capital Bye-Pass, there were two huge rows were orderly arranged in either direction down the block from the entrance to a high school. At the Calvary Baptist Church on Tubman Boulevard, Sinkor, those waiting to vote queued across the yard and out onto the sidewalk. I hope this doesn't prove to be an issue. Perhaps people wanted to get to the polls first thing in the morning. The rest of the city continues to be very quiet-- it has seemed especially calm from Sunday night up til now.

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