Monday, July 11, 2011

Monrovia 1976

I cannot believe that I didn't see this on YouTube before. Oh my goooodness.

The film begins with a title board, Monrovia, Mars '76-- the European spelling of March suggesting a Swedish production.

In less than a minute and a half, this super 8 clip spins around the rooftop loggia of the Executive Mansion (which was apparently having some sort of open house that day), showing some fashionably-dressed European-looking folks admiring the view through the metallic screens. Next, the reel is down to the main entry porch, where two toe-headed pikins squint into the dry season sun.

Cut to Ashmun Street. Sly & The Family Stone starts up. Here come the adorable toe-heads and their parents, sauntering down the block past Aminata House, in the direction of Chase Manhattan Plaza, with LBDI clearly visible in the background.

Who are these people? LAMCO employees? Scandinavian diplomats?

Where is the rest of this film??

This 1:28 of totally unbelievable vintage footage appeared on YouTube, posted by one jensiator. The user's other clips from Yekepa make it more likely that this was a LAMCO family.

I love jensiator's the caption:

Monrovia in 1976. It shows the presidential palace and some streets. Everyone looked so coooool.


lindsay said...

is this part of the liberia 77 project?

MM Jones said...

Hi Linsay, I didn't come across this though Liberia '77, just happened upon it on YouTube. It SHOULD be, though. Liberia '77 should start collecting Super 88 reels like this, as well as photos. Thank you for reading and commenting, Matt

Earl Burrowes, Sr. said...

By the way, there are can loads of 8mm films like these at a home in Philadelphia that no amount of cajoling or begging have resulted in the right and just thing being done. Regardless, kodus to the (now departed) brave soul who saved them from sure destruction had they been "left behind". Let's hope that the current holders step-up to the plate and do Liberia proud!

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