Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Memoriam: Tim Hetherington

Image ©Tim Hetherington via MSNBC

I am still in shock at the loss today of Tim Hetherington, a devastation that is better honored elsewhere, especially at Scarlett Lion, where Glenna shares her personal and close professional connections with him, and also at Africa Is A Country, which has a moving, must-see video of Tim talking about his time in Liberia and his time and work there. Here is what I wrote in the comment section below that:

Great video, thank you for posting it. I think it really shows how Tim was not only acclaimed within his profession as a photographer and journalist, but also that he deeply cared for the people whose hardship and suffering he documented and reported. Going beyond his press coverage to assist the TRC was an example of this.
Liberia was my first African country, too, and Tim was extremely gracious when I reached out to him recently to ask him about his time in Liberia and his feelings for the country. Journalism has lost one of its living legends, but the Liberian people have also lost a real friend. I hope that he is remembered for his heart as well as his talent, skill and bravery.

Here is a link to the earlier post I did at the beginning of the year about Tim's work in Liberia, which he was very supportive and helpful. Its always a pleasure to exchange emails with such a great figure, and Tim was very gracious and generous with his attention. He will be missed.

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