Thursday, April 21, 2011

In Memoriam: Chris Hondros

News came later yesterday that the journalistic profession lost another of its living legends, the American Chris Hondros. Like his colleague Tim Hetherington, Hondros gained respect and prominence for his incredible work during the Liberian Civil War a decade ago. Here is a video from MSNBC, in which Hondros talks in detail about his time in Liberia and his connection to the country:

As the feature mentions, Hondros did not merely take the now-famous shot of the celebrating government soldier on the Old Bridge in Monrovia (below), but he actually established an enduring the relationship with the photograph's subject, returning to Monrovia in 2005 to meet with then 28-year old Joseph Duo (image at top courtesy of a Life magazine feature commemorating Hondros).

One of the most famous images of the Civil War. ©Chris Hondros

Like Tim, Hondros cared deeply about the people he was covering, especially Liberia, and the Liberian people have lost not one but two friends because of yesterday's tragedy in Libya.

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