Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Future of the EJ Roye

©2012 Matthew M. Jones

Following on the mention of the EJ Roye Building in the previous post, as the old dame was featured on CNN, here's a 14-month-old mention in the local rag The New Dawn about what is one of the largest abandoned buildings remaining in central Monrovia:
"Public Works Minister Samuel Kofi Woods says Government has earmarked US$400,000 to conduct a feasibility study on the E.J. Roye building which ownership is still left to legal interpretation."
As has been previously mentioned on CNN, as well as previously on this blog as well as on the Architectural Tour, the EJ Roye was built, probably with government funds, as a headquarters of the country's True Whig Party. The government has since demanded ownership of the building, since it was, it seems, taxpayers' funds which financed the tower's construction.

Meanwhile, the building was heavily damaged during the war, especially the final siege of Monrovia in 2003, when government snipers positioned at the skyscraper's top fought off rebels trying to cross the old bridge. The building suffered several rocket hits, and its not clear whether it is structurally sound enough for it to continue standing, or how much it will cost to refurbish it.

There's been no recent reports about the commencement of the study or its results.

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