Saturday, July 27, 2013

Providence Journal Series: Rebuilding Liberia

Photo ©Professor William J Pellicio via the Providence Journal

Providence Journal staff writer Philip Marcelo has launched a series of short posts about Liberia, at the crux of one of Liberia's larger diaspora communities in Rhode Island and marking the passing of a decade since the conclusion of the Liberian Civil War.

Some of the posts are understandably pretty elementary, introducing the general reader to Liberia and its history. Of the posts thus far, perhaps the most insightful is an interview with Brown University trustee William H. Twaddell, who was Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Monrovia in 1992, early in Liberia's conflict period.

The series will culminate next month when Marcelo will visit Liberia. The above image accompanied a post last week on the Rhode Island-Liberian community's efforts to help rebuild the country (partly through remittances). Looks like Camp Johnson Road to me, c.2003.

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