Friday, September 30, 2011

M2M Architectural Tour featured in Brussels Airlines magazine

It is so awesome and such an honor that movedtomonrovia's architectural tour was included as part of the guide of Monrovia in Brussels Airlines' b.spirit magazine's recent July/August issue (which seems not to be up on their website). Special thanks to Kate Thomas and Brussels Airlines for considering it worthy of inclusion. Apparently, back issues are archived on Ink Live here, although log-in seems to be required.

Not to sound at all ungrateful, but it would have been a bit cooler if I had known about the press beforehand-- I only happened to find out in early August, after I was already in Liberia and the magazine had been in circulation for at a month, because someone flying back from Monrovia to the United States wrote an email of appreciation. I had flown Air France down via Conakry, not Brussels Airlines, so I had no idea that movedtomonrovia was part of the magazine. I ran to the Brussels office on Randall Street to confirm-- pretty wild to flip to the page and see movedtomonrovia in glossy print.

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