Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Open Letter to Naomi Campell

Dear Naomi:

So Sorry to have bothered you. I guess the rest of the world hadn't grasped how "big" an "inconvenience" this whole International War Crimes Trial would be.

All because of a few "small, dirty looking pebbles." Ewww, gross, right? Not like, a Tiffany box or anything?

As is usually the case, a lot of other people have said it better than me, but I just wanted to state here how shockingly, laughably sad your obliviousness to the plight of thousands of poor, helpless Africans who have suffered during the instability of West Africa.

It really isn't about you, or how really busy you are. Its not even about protecting your family, which is otherwise totally legitimate and normal. Its about using whatever pull your notoriety gives you, to do some good in a world that is obviously overloaded with indescribable evil, such as the wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Whats bizarrely ironic to me is that you came involved in all this because of your work and donations to a children's charity. Yet you've demonstrated almost no ability to care for anyone other than yourself.

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