Monday, March 8, 2010

Historic Structure on Front Street, Gone

I was walking along Front Street today and happened upon this pile of rubble at the corner of Center Street, which was until very recently a house. I must have missed it being pulled down by a few days. I'd be curious to see how they did it, whether with a bulldozer or by hand, etc.

Its not particularly unusual to see buildings getting knocked down. There are a couple on Capital Bye-Pass that some guys have been working on recently.

But this one was, I thought, rather old, and perhaps even historic. I think there is a picture of this house in the Architecture Tour. I guess this is not surprising that it was knocked down, but sort of puts into focus that there is no Historic Preservation or other listed restrictions here. Not that World Monuments Fund or UNESCO has Monrovia's settler heritage in its sights (which is probably a hot-button issue, anyway). But, should it?

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