Friday, February 26, 2010

Trucks from Europe

Like the t-shirts I talked about earlier, I am not really sure that anyone pays attention to what is written on the trucks that are used around the city, for transport and delivery. Like a lot things here, they mostly seem to come from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands (deciphering the languages on the side). Also like t-shirts, they end up here through donation or other sorts of exports of undesirable goods.

It has to be remember that, quite aside from the high degree of illiteracy among the local population, there is little understanding of the differences between Europe and the United States, much less the various countries and their languages.

I've met Liberians who thought I was German, or Russian, and seemed unaware that I would speak a different language if I was. To them, non-Africans speak English. I can see how this makes sense to them, in their perspective.

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